K-12 Education

Within the SMEGA community, there are many amazing school districts that offer a wide variety of learning potential. Throughout the community schools participate in the “School of Choice” program which allows parents to choose which school district they want their child to participate in without having to leave in that schools district.


Brandywine Community Schools

“Brandywine Is the Community”

Hard-working students and teachers.  Caring parents.  Supportive community members.  A community that cares about students and their future lives.  Those are the ingredients that make Brandywine Community Schools a safe, solid place to grow up and get an education. 

There is no Brandywine, Michigan on any map.  But, there is a Brandywine Community School District that holds people together with a common commitment to our children.  We call that commitment our Brandywine PRIDE.

From the beginning, Brandywine has been the home of honest, hard-working straightforward people who believe in education.  We want people to come here, move here, join our schools and get that same strong educational foundation that Brandywine people have experienced for several generations now.  If you or someone you know would like to learn more about our schools or take a tour of our buildings, please contact us.  We are always:

“Committed to Every Student’s Success”.


Buchanan Community Schools
“A District on the Move!”

During the 2010-2011 school year, Buchanan Community Schools saw many changes. Consisting of Grade Level Learning Centers, Moccasin now houses our prek-2nd grade and Ottawa houses our 3rd and 4th graders. We are excited about the new opportunities that this will create for our staff and students.

  • Alignment of Curriculum, Assessments, and instruction between grade levels
  • Specialized Instruction based on educational and social needs of specific age groups
  • Academic intervention when needed
  • Meeting the needs of all students
  • Providing enrichment for higher level, more advanced students
  • Teacher Collaboration
  • Shared Resources

Buchanan Community Schools are the first in the county to implement the State Core Curriculum in areas of ELA and Math. They have trained Curriculum Coaches and Interventionists in each building to help both staff and students succeed. Web 2.0 resources, a Virtual Learning Lab, enhanced Web Design Classes, E-Learning (at-school and from home) are part of the daily curriculum here at BCS.


Niles Community School District

Expanding with the addition of New Tech High School and Eastside Connections,
Niles offers a vast selection of schools to fit your needs.


Blossomland Learning Center

Provides a place for students who are not able to be placed in a traditional school setting to learn through curriculum that emphasizes skills, competencies, and orientations that are required for living in a supervised setting.

Orchard Hills river
      333 N 2nd Street, Suite 302 | Niles, Michigan 49120 | Phone: 269-683-1833 | Email: southwesternalliance@gmail.com