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 November 25, 2013


 SCORE Michiana is a nonprofit association of local volunteers, with the mission to grow successful small businesses in Michiana.  Formed in 1972, we offer mentoring assistance via our 20 volunteer members, all veteran business owners and/or company executives.  SCORE is a national organization, founded in 1964, affiliated with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), with 340+ chapters in the United States, staffed by over 11,000 volunteers nationwide.  We are dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.  All mentoring is provided at no charge to the client.


2014 marks the 50th anniversary of SCORE, and a year-long celebration of this milestone was kicked off in October 2013.  Since 1964, SCORE has served over 10 million small business owners nationwide.  In 2012, SCORE clients started 37,054 new businesses and created 82,207 jobs in the American economy.


For many Americans, small business ownership is the American dream.  During 2013 SCORE Michiana has provided free, confidential mentoring to over 500 local entrepreneurs and small business owners, while conducting educational workshops attended by over 300 local business leaders.


SCORE Michiana brings the following resources to our small business community:

·         Access to 20 volunteer mentors, representing a wide cross-section of industries and disciplines.  Our mentors include retired CEOs, CPAs, university professors, business owners and corporate managers.  Our motto is “We’ve been there, we’re still there, and we’re doing it better than ever”.

·         Confidential mentoring for existing small business owners and managers – at no cost.

·         Expert assistance in the development of comprehensive business plans for prospective entrepreneurs.

·         Assistance with the preparation of financial institution loan applications.

·         Educational workshops tailored to the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

·         SCORE Michiana mentoring is always offered at no cost to the small business community.


These resources benefit small business owners and entrepreneurs because

·         Business plans developed by our clients are well prepared and have received extensive review by a SCORE Michiana mentor.  Potential lenders have the assurance that the plans have been thoroughly vetted, thus improving the success rate of the business.

·         The new or existing small business has an improved chance of beating the statistical odds of potential failure by working with a SCORE Michiana mentor.


As you can see, SCORE Michiana continues to provide valuable services to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Michiana community.  Our offices are located at 1030 E. Jefferson Blvd, in the National College building, just east of downtown South Bend.  We can be reached by calling (574) 310-8097 or via e-mail at  We also have a satellite office in Cassopolis, MI.  Located at 708 Sherman Lane in the Inovateus Business Center, SCORE mentors can meet with clients there on an appointment basis only.  The Cassopolis telephone number is 269-445-2520.  You can also visit our website at to access a vast array of small business resources.




Bob Kasprzak

Chapter Chair

SCORE Michiana Chapter #0266

1030 E. Jefferson Blvd.

South Bend, IN 46617

574-310-8097 office

989-350-5452 cell








 C&S Machine Products, Inc. is a privately-held company specializing in ultra-precision machining of complex custom components. The Company’s services range from product development to prototype and production.  C&S Machine Products, Inc., an ISO 9002 certified company, employing 45 employees, operates two facilities located in Buchanan, MI., totaling 36,000 square feet.  The company was founded in 1966 and today, C&S Machine Products, Inc. is considered one of the premiere manufacturers in precision machining, serving customers within the aerospace, defense, medical, firearms, and other commercial applications. The Company has been the recipient of many awards for quality and delivery performance as well as technological innovation. “Our niche is contract manufacturing for the industry’s most difficult parts to produce. Our systems have been designed for sub-micron tolerance requirements.” – Dominick Saratore, President, C&S Machine Products, Inc.



C&S Machine with the assistance of the Southwestern Michigan Economic Growth Alliance (SMEGA) is applying for $3,565,162 tax abatement which will allow the company to invest in new precision machining equipment. C&S Machine Products, Inc. utilizes advanced technologies, lean manufacturing principles, and a highly skilled workforce to compete as a global supplier to the to view entire press release.









Vickers Engineering operates two facilities in Michiana—120,000 sq. ft. in New Troy (west of Buchanan) and 50,000 in Buchanan. Started in 1970, the company has grown quickly since 2000, as precision machining and fabrication supplier to a variety of markets. From 35 employees in 2000, to 175 employees today, Vickers expects to be around 225 employees in 2016. “Our growth will continue to compound in years thereafter. We have a long term vision to continue our growth pattern in Michiana.” – Matt Tyler, President/CEO

Vickers Engineering is applying for a $9,000,000 tax abatement related to CNC Machining equipment, and robotics that will be purchased for multiple Automotive and Oil & Gas projects.


Automotive is the company’s main industry served (primarily as a tier 1 supplier to Toyota), although the company is growing quickly in other non-Midwest based industries, such as Oil and Gas.... click to view entire press release







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